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Narcissistic abuse can be a bewildering journey, filled with emotional turmoil and uncertainty. As a mom, you're not only navigating your own well-being but also that of your children. This guide is designed to be your roadmap to offer concise insights, practical strategies, and resources to equip and empower you to recognize the abuse in your situation and prepare you, as a mom, for a path to heal and freedom.


This guide is also an invaluable resource for loved ones, financial, therapeutic, legal, medical, and educational supports or nonprofits who will be served with a more real world understanding of what moms and their children may face as they work to untangle and break free from their abuser.


This guide is for you if you’re looking to:

  • Understand the Signs of Narcissistic Abuse in a Relationship involving children

  • Understand the Impact of this Abuse (Emotionally, Physically, and Financially) on Mom and her Children

  • Get Real World Examples of Abuse

  • Understand the Legal Challenges of Narcissistic Abuse

  • Get a list of Action Items to Protect Mom and her Children


Connect with the author on or on your preferred social media platform to get practical "dichos" or tips to empower yourself:


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Protect Your Family: A Guide to Understanding Narcissistic Abuse & its Impact

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