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Disseminator of Ideas: to spread abroad as though sowing seed...


or "Said," from "decir" the Spanish Verb "to say." Also loosely translates to "story..."

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About this Site:

I’m so glad you’ve arrived. dani_dicho is where I curate, author and disseminate life tips or "dichos" to be the best version of you! One step at a time.  Currently, I'm focused on sharing best practices that I've learned and implemented as a result of prior trauma.

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You are not alone and I look forward to supporting your journey however I can!     xoxo   ~dani

Free Downloadable Resource Guide for Moms!

Here’s a free list of resources for moms who are experiencing narcissistic abuse, categorized by emotional, physical, financial, and legal support by an author with first-hand knowledge and passion for guiding others through the process of recognizing, understanding, and overcoming the impact of toxic relationships.

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